Renewable, Clean, Sustainable Energy

ForestIn a world of coal, oil and fossil fuels, some say it is impossible, but American Heritage Biomass makes the impossible a reality.

By cultivating and using the world’s original fuel source, wood, AH Biomass provides environmentally safe, carbon-clean, renewable energy to businesses around the world. Our wood pellets, wood chips and other wood biomass fuel, allow our environmentally conscious industrial clients to reduce their carbon footprints and wane from their dependability on fossil fuels.

Our processes not only provide this clean energy, but they establish and renew healthy biospheres and environments that actually increase the health of our entire planet. By harvesting and using 100% of our trees and replanting them, our future sources of fuel refresh and renew the environment on 7-15 year cycles.

We not only take the earth’s valuable resources, we put them back too.

Our solution to the world’s energy problems is environmentally sound and will leave a better, brighter future for all mankind.


American Heritage Biomass is a world leader in viable, renewable and sustainable biomass energy sources. Our team works around the globe to assess, develop and execute projects that will lead to a sustainable future.


Our mission is to help create a cleaner, healthier planet by reducing our dependency on fossil fuels. American Heritage Biomass will achieve this mission by providing clean, renewable, sustainable energy to businesses and consumers around the world.


In short, we provide sustainable, clean energy by harnessing the power of humanity’s first energy source: Trees. We source fiber, manufacture wood pellets and deliver to the customer in a cost effective manner.


  • Carbon Neutral & Clean
  • Sustainable & Scalable
  • Renewable & Reliable
  • Efficient & Energy Dense